How To Clean The Valve Body Material?

Jul. 26, 2019

In electronically controlled hydraulic automatic transmissions, the valve body is also an important part. If it fails, most of it is due to internal blockage. At this time, the valve body should be disassembled and cleaned to make it smooth. So how should we proceed? Forged Valve Body Manufacturer shares the method with you.

Forged Valve Body

Forged Valve Body

Before removing the valve body, remove the external solenoid valve flat wire, remove the plug and harness, and place it properly. Then, remove the valve body and remove the connecting screw between the upper and lower valve bodies. Next, the valve body is placed in clean kerosene, cleaned with a carburetor cleaning agent, the oil stain is removed, and it is inspected for cracks, deformation.

When the valve body is cleaned, wipe it clean, then inject a small amount of automatic transmission oil for lubrication, and then assemble it.

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