How Does The Specification And Manufacturing Method Of The Valve Body Correspond?

Aug. 14, 2019

Here is a Casting Valve Body Manufacturer talking about how does the specification and manufacturing method of the valve body correspond.

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Valve Body

Valve Body

The Valve Body, its understanding will continue, because its purpose has not yet been reached, so we can not relax, we have to move on. So, what are the knowledge content of the following? Here we will sell the first thing, and will understand it after reading the following content. At the same time, we also hope that through this study, everyone can learn more about the valve body, and can understand and master more knowledge content, so that they can benefit from it.

The valve body, if its process medium is different, the materials used are different, but in general, it mainly has the following types: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic and copper. Etc. There are more than one way to make it, but there are some basic principles, that is:

If the valve body size is medium and low pressure, it is generally processed by casting.

If the valve body size is medium and high pressure, it is generally processed by forging.

However, we should pay attention to, no matter which kind, the valve body combined with the valve core and the seat sealing ring, and form a seal, then it should be able to withstand a certain medium pressure, and it is not easy to leak, etc. phenomenon.

For valve body forgings, it is mainly for the chemical composition of steel, which has very strict requirements. If it does not meet the standard, then there will be problems that make it impossible to use normally.