How To Prevent The OEM Wafer Ball Valve Body From Leaking Or Leaking?

Jan. 18, 2019

1 All valves must be subjected to different levels of hydrostatic testing after entering the plant.

2 OEM Wafer Ball Valve Body that need to be dismantled for repair must be ground.

3 During the overhaul process, it is necessary to carefully check whether the packing is added and the packing gland is tightened.

4 Before installing the valve, check the inside of the valve for dust, sand, iron oxide and other debris. If any of the above items must be cleaned before installation.

5 All Four Way Ball Valve Body must be fitted with the appropriate level of gasket before installation.

6 The fasteners must be tightened when installing the flanged door. When tightening the flange bolts, the fasteners must be tightened in the same direction.

7 During the valve installation process, all valves must be installed correctly according to the system and pressure. It is strictly prohibited to install and mix. For this purpose, all valves must be numbered and recorded according to the system before installation.

OEM Wafer Ball Valve Body