Functions Of Balance Valve Ball

Jan. 25, 2019

The Balance Valve Ball is a special function valve. The valve itself has nothing special. It only uses all the differences between function and field.

In some industries, due to the large pressure difference or flow difference in the various parts of the pipe or container due to the medium (variable flowable substances), in order to reduce or balance the difference, between the corresponding pipes or containers Install a Stainless Steel Balance Valve Ball to adjust the relative balance of pressure on both sides, or to achieve a balance of flow by means of a split flow, the valve is called a balance valve.

When the gas pipeline sends the ball, the pressure is not balanced at the beginning of the air intake (that is, when the ball is subjected to pressure shock), the ball is injured, the front main valve is injured, and the most important thing is that the pig itself will also Injury, so you can't reach your destination. (Piping: After the completion, the task of the leadership can not be completed)

Balance Valve Ball