Application Range Of Trunnion Ball

Nov. 24, 2018

Trunnion Ball are available in a wide range of applications, and ball valves are available for:

1. The nominal diameter is from 8mm to 1200mm.

2. The nominal pressure is from vacuum to 42 MPa.

3. Working temperature is from -204 °C to 815 °C.

Especially in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other departments, the use of soft-sealed ball valves in flammable and explosive media equipment and piping systems, should pay attention to fire and fire. The Stainless Steel Trunnion Ball is usually adjusted in two positions, with strict sealing performance, mud, wear, shrinkage passage, rapid opening and closing action (1/4 turn), high pressure cutoff (large differential pressure), low noise, cavitation and gasification Ball valves are recommended for use in piping systems where there is a small amount of leakage into the atmosphere, small operating torque, and low fluid resistance. Ball valves are also suitable for use in piping systems with light construction, low pressure cut-off (small differential pressure), corrosive media.

Trunnion Ball