Use Of Ball Valves A

Feb. 27, 2019

1. It is necessary to first find out that the upper and lower pipelines of the ball valve which from Stainless Steel Floating Ball Supplier have been relieved of pressure before they can be disassembled and disassembled.

2. Non-metallic parts should be taken out of the cleaning agent immediately after cleaning. Do not soak for a long time.

3. The bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically, gradually and evenly during assembly.

4. The cleaning agent should be compatible with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working medium (such as gas) in the ball valve at Carbon Steel Floating Ball Supplier. When the working medium is gas, the metal parts can be cleaned with gasoline (GB484-89). Non-metallic parts are cleaned with purified water or alcohol.

5. Each individual ball valve part that has been disassembled can be cleaned by dipping. Metal parts that have been left undecomposed by non-metallic parts can be scrubbed with a clean and fine cloth impregnated with a cleaning agent (to prevent the fibers from falling off and sticking to the parts). When cleaning, remove all grease, dirt, glue, dust, etc. that adhere to the wall.

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