Whether It Is Necessary To Pickle This Process Of Flanged Ball Valve Body?

May. 22, 2019

A Flanged Ball Valve Body, which is one of the castings, whose mold is preheated at a high temperature, and if the casting speed is slow, thin-walled castings can be obtained. Therefore, in this case, if it is not ferrous metal, it can also be carried out by the process of die casting.

In precision castings, for the core, it is possible to use a water-soluble core, but there are specific requirements. Generally speaking, if the casting structure is not good for demolding, a water-soluble core can be used on the core to obtain a good release effect.

Is it necessary to pickle this process? If this is the case, from a professional point of view, it depends on the actual situation. If the surface of the Four Way Ball Valve Body is dirty or scaled, then it must be pickled so that it can be removed so that it can be passivated. Operation, if not, does not need to be done. Therefore, this question is not easy to answer, because it depends on the actual situation before we can decide.

Flanged Ball Valve Body