Welding Flanged Ball Valve Body Welding Technology Processing

Dec. 13, 2018

Welding of Flanged Ball Valve Body is actually different from ordinary welding technology because the non-metallic sealing material rubber and PTFE plastic in the valve cavity cannot be heat treated after welding. The thick-walled multi-layer welding process of the welded ball valve is a repeated heating and cooling process of the metal material. Usually, the welded joints are designed to be narrow-gauge thick-wall submerged arc welding, and the other uses a fully welded valve body. It is an oversized tubular joint with a thick thickness.

Therefore, the stress concentration in the root gap of the valve body welded joint, residual stress, and poor organization of the structure become weak links in the valve body structure. The current two treatment methods are:

1 heat treatment technology treatment is usually use in Flanged Ball Valve Body Supplier

2 It is the joint treatment; these two treatment methods will produce stress concentration several times the normal working stress, which is also difficult for manufacturers engineers to deal with.

It can be seen that how to solve the stress concentration, residual stress and poor tissue quality of the welded joint of the welded ball valve body welded joint becomes the biggest problem of valve welding. Here, we will summarize the technical points of the valve body welding process as follows, hoping to help Want to know the ball valve welding technology friends!

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