Application of Customized Stainless Steel Valve Body In Chemical Industry

Jun. 06, 2019

The Customized Stainless Steel Valve Body is prepared by taking the soda ash process, and the ammonia mother liquor II and carbon dioxide are carbonated in the carbonization tower to form a NaHCO3 suspension. After the cold precipitation, the mother liquid stainless steel ball valve is added with salt in the salting-out crystallizer to continue to precipitate the ammonium chloride crystal slurry. After the precipitation, the mother liquor is then subjected to heat exchange, ammonia absorption, and clarification to obtain a qualified ammonia mother liquor II, which is sent to the I process. The crystal slurry precipitated by the cold precipitation and salting out process is thickened, centrifuged and dried to obtain an ammonium chloride product.

In the two production processes, in the production process of soda ash and ammonium chloride, the process flow is long, the temperature of the system mother liquid is high, the composition of the Stainless Steel Casting Valve Body is complex, not only contains ammonia and high chloride, and the mother liquor is sent to the vacuum filtration process II. After the stainless steel ball valve filter cake is calcined, it is a soda ash product; in the process of preparing ammonium chloride, the mother liquor from the vacuum filter is subjected to ammonia absorption and heat exchange, and the ammonium chloride crystal slurry is precipitated in the cold precipitation crystallizer, and contains a certain amount. The amount of calcium and magnesium containing solids, especially in the environmentally friendly disposal of waste emissions, the corrosion and wear of equipment pipes and the like are extremely serious, and equipment failures and maintenance frequently occur. Therefore, improving the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the equipment is extremely important for the safe and stable operation of the equipment. Valves, especially as fluid control components, are the first to bear the brunt.

Customized Stainless Steel Valve Body