Performance characteristics Of Balance Valve Ball

Dec. 01, 2018

1. Balance Valve Ball have ideal adjustment performance;

2, excellent cut-off function;

3, accurate to 1/10 lap open state display;

4. The theoretical flow characteristic curve is an equal percentage characteristic curve;

5. National patent type opening and closing locking device;

6. Corresponding flow coefficient is corresponding to each full circle. As long as the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is measured during commissioning, the flow through the valve can be conveniently calculated.

7, PTFE and silicone seal, reliable sealing performance;

8. The internal components of Stainless Steel Balance Valve Ball are made of YICr18Ni9 or copper alloy or Stainless Steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life;

9, the internal lift valve stem, no need to reserve operating space.

10, it is a combination valve

Balance Valve Ball