Some Problems In The Valve Body

Jun. 21, 2019

1. What is the body material CF8(P)?

A: The ANSI Valve Body material is CF8 (P), which means that the material of the valve body is stainless steel, and it is 304 stainless steel. The figure 8 indicates that the carbon content is 8%. And, we can know that the 304 casting is called CF8 and the 304 forging is called F304.

2. Why is the seal on the valve body not too large or too small?

A: The sealing ring on the valve body, if it is too small, can not play a sealing role. However, if it is too large, it is easy to scratch the seal.

3. Copper valve body and Stainless Steel ANSI Valve Body in terms of fluid control, which one is better?

A: The copper valve body and the stainless steel valve body are similar in terms of fluid control.

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